Just a few tips that worked for coaches.

  • Naming your team
    • It’s best to include the year in the name to distinguish it from another year.
  • Team Formation
    • Having your players request to Join your team can be easier than inviting them.
  • Start Small
    • Start with a Self Review, with one question for your first event.
  • Don’t Go Nuts
    • Try to avoid asking *too many* questions per event – the feedback becomes diluted
  • Communication is a Two-Way Street
    • Players will give more beneficial feedback when they get feedback themselves.
  • Simple vs Detailed Coach Reviews
    • For your first Coach review, use Simple Coach Reviews. Once you have the hang of that, give more focused feedback with Detailed.
  • Don’t Get Personal
    • Rate the performance, not the player.
  • Custom Questions: Brevity is Wit
    • Keep titles for Custom Question short. Use the description to explain the topic in greater detail.
  • “10” is Always Tops
    • For custom questions, phrase the question such that the “Very Good” behavior uses 10 and the “Very Poor” behavior uses 1.

Need some help starting your team?

Here’s a 75 second video to get you started: