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Quick Tips for effective use of After Action:

Naming your team

It’s best to include the year in the name to distinguish it from another year.

Team Formation

Having your players request to Join your team can be easier than inviting them.

Start Small

Start with a Self Review, with one question for your first event.

Don’t Go Nuts

Try to avoid asking *too many* questions per event – the feedback becomes diluted.

Communication is a Two-Way Street

Players will give more beneficial feedback when they get feedback themselves.

Simple vs Detailed Coach Reviews

For your first Coach review, use Simple Coach Reviews. Once you have the hang of that, give more focused feedback with Detailed.

Don’t Get Personal

Rate the performance, not the player.

Custom Questions: Brevity is Wit

Keep titles for Custom Question short. Use the description to explain the topic in greater detail.

“10” is Always Tops

For custom questions, phrase the question such that the “Very Good” behavior uses 10 and the “Very Poor” behavior uses 1.

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