TeamSnap Import

Ever wanted Player Evaluations or Player Self-Assessments for your TeamSnap team?

In under 60 seconds you can import your TeamSnap team into After Action.  Watch the video below to find out how easy it is.

Below is step by step guide to importing your TeamSnap team into After Action:

1.) Create a new team from the teams page.
a.) Click Add Team icon.

b.) Click Coach: Start Team.

c.) Click Import from TeamSnap.

d.) Click Authorize After Action.

e.) Log in to TeamSnap.

f.) Click Done.

g.) Choose Your Team then click next.

h.) Click next again to import.

2. Once you have a team, you can keep it updated with your TeamSnap Roster.
a.) Click the menu icon.

b.) Click TeamSnap Sync.

c.) Follow steps d – g above.