Who We Are

Founded in 2013, After Action brings interactive reviews & feedback to teams and organizations.  We are a small, tight-knit group of software engineers and former athletes.

What We Believe

We learned from experience that our best moments on the field happened when the team just “clicked”.  Experts call the state “flow”, where athletes perform almost effortlessly and can predict and anticipate their teammates’ actions.  This comes about through constant communication.  Five years ago we set out to build a foundational communication tool for team sports.

The After Action app builds on key concepts that drive our development and your results:

  • The best teams are hyper-communicators.
  • Feedback loops are the engine of improvement.
  • Feedback frequency and intensity are inversely proportional:  the more often you ask for feedback, the less you should ask, the less often you ask, the more questions you can ask.
  • In the absence of a review system, negative “team politics” can flourish.
  • Reviews should start conversations among managers and talent, not end conversations.  Do not “hide” in the technology.
  • “Culture” is the hardest thing for an organization to create, change, destroy or replicate.
  • The flexibility of culture is directly proportional to communication.  The more an organization communicates, the more culture can evolve.
  • The existence of a review system influences behavior (usually positively).
  • People are social – you never know what they will say until you ask them.
If you have any ideas or feedback for us, we’d love to hear it.
After Action offices are located outside of Philadelphia in Wayne, PA.