Getting Started as a Coach

Here’s a 75 second video to get you started:

Below is step by step guide to getting your team going with After Action:

1.) Create a new team from the teams page.

a.) Click Coach Start Here.

b.) Click Start Team.

c.) Name your team.

d.) Choose a plan or Continue as Free.

2.) At your next team meeting, tell your players to:

a.) Download the app
b.) Sign Up for an account

c.) Click Player: Join Team.
d.) Enter your team name.
e.) Click Search.
f.) Click Join on the desired team.
g.) Click Send and wait for your coach to accept.

3. As the players request to join, have your phone open to the Team Roster page

a.) Requests will show on the Roster.
b.) Click the player name.

c.) Click Accept Request to add the player your team.

4.) Send your first Event.

a.) Click New Event

b.) Click Quick Event.

c. Name your event. Click Next.

d. Review the event and click Send.

e.) Confirm by clicking Send again.
f.) Click the Event to complete Coach Reviews and wait for the deadline to pass for players to complete theirs.

5.) See the results once the deadline passes.