Introducing Team Packs

You know the drill: “Buy 2, get the 3rd for free” or “Free Shipping on orders over $50.” Well with After Action, if you run a club or an athletic department, you can buy in bulk too. Contact us to receive an After Action referral code for your entire organization.

How it Works
After Action will supply an organizer (Club Director or Athletic Director) with a code for 10 teams. Have your coaches enter the referral code into their accounts and teams will be automatically upgraded. The codes work for both new teams or existing teams. Nothing is required from the players. Contact us today to start saving as much as 25% (that’s over $250).
Some players like to hide the ball, but we don’t. Here’s the pricing (straight from our website):

After Action now supports SMS texting

Overall, After Action users are very engaged and show an incredibly high compliance rate – in the last 5,000 events, that figure was over 80%(!) – but some people just can’t get their reviews done without prodding. So we added SMS/text support for you and your players. Players will receive an SMS/text reminder to do their reviews 60 minutes and 15 minutes before the deadline. For timely players who do fill out their reviews, the system won’t text them; it’s smart like that.

Less nagging, more compliance, less deadline extensions – a good service all the way around. This service is available on Ultra Plans. Screenshot:

Improved Exporter Coming Soon

By popular request, we are going to update our data exporter so After Action data can play nice with other systems. Details to come.

Do you have a feature request? Let us know. We love hearing from our users and the loudest wheels definitely get the grease (that’s why After Action now has SMS support!). If you want something, we will do our best to make it happen.
Live, Love, Win,
The After Action Staff

2016 is in the books and 2017 is looking for new winners! We’ve updated After Action with some of the most requested features by you, our users.

Most requested new feature: Repeating Events.

With just one click, you can duplicate all the settings from a prior event.


Quick Events & Camp Events. We added “Quick Events” which auto-fills our most commonly used settings. We also added a special “Camp Event”. Once again, After Action will be 100% free for camps in 2017. Camp evaluations have never been easier.



New for Coach Reviews:

Summary Comments

Now coaches can give their entire team group feedback.  We have 4 boxes with suggested text from our users:

  1. Things we did well…
  2. Areas for improvement…
  3. General Comments…
  4. Looking Ahead



Choose an Annual Plan and Save Big



Save 42% by choosing an annual plan with a Premium Team (our most popular program).

Retain free full access to all your data forever – even after your paid period has expired.

1 month, 6 month and annual plans available through in-app purchases.

Free plans are also available.

Introducing After Action Scales. One person’s “10” is another person’s “5”. How do you keep it all staight? Did the player play well “for them”? Or did they play well based on some absolute metric? Communicating expectations can unlock a better understanding of performance evaluations.

In Team Settings, coaches now have the option to chose from the following scales:

Open Ended. This is what is in After Action now. Completely open ended. This gives the coaches maximum flexibility to communicate to their athletes what is meant by the numbers. This is the default setting.

Grading Scale. You know the drill: A = Good; F = Bad.

vs. Individual Expectations. This one asks how the athlete performed vs. how you thought they would perform.

vs. Positional Expectations. This is asking how you thought the athlete performed vs. what would be expected of an average player in that position.

Forced Curve. Here you are asking athletes to review themselves vs. their peers or others that played.

Caliber Scale (Soccer / Futbol). This is inspired by the MLS draft rating system used by college coaches. Higher scores denote higher “levels”.


Introducing After Action Premium Reports. These are a set of reports designed to help you coach better and conduct better meetings with players – especially year-end evaluations.

Report #1 – Player Recap Reports. Think of this as the “sit-down” report or the “End of Season” report. Use this report when you want to review performance with the player. Great for meeting with a player.

Report #2 – Team Recap Report. This report is designed to provide a retrospective of your entire team over the past six months. It includes key information for the entire team over the past six months. Great for perspective on your team and staff meetings.

Introducing After Action Plans & Pricing: Advanced, Premium and Ultra. Before you ask, all is well – if you’ve created your account prior to August 31, 2016, you are automatically grandfathered into an After Action Ultra account for all of 2016 – which will cover your entire Fall season. See below for details.

Forever Free Plans. Our free plan will always be available to you if you want to downgrade after your season ends. Our free plan includes self reviews, event reports and other core functionality. If you are a “seasonal user”, you can access your reports from the cloud and use limited features in the offseason. See our website for details.

Enough Talk. Get after it! Your opponents are already out there working hard. Will you out-work them? More importantly, will you out-think them?

Let’s hope so & good luck!

-The After Action Team


We have created a simpler option for coaches to review players. Instead of having to answer all the individual questions asked in the self review, a coach may choose just to answer “Overall Performance” and provide a comment.

Now coaches can get “in & out” of their reviews in under 120 seconds just like players!

Below are a few screenshots

Thanks, Coach! Many thanks to coach Rudy Fuller with the Men’s Program at UPenn for this suggestion. Thanks Rudy! By way of a thank you, the next time we play together, I won’t call my megs (at least not ahead of time).

Users Are Our “Idea Factory.” Thanks also for all the great suggestions and ideas for After Action! We listen to every one and have a long backlog of great plans thanks to you. The next development milestones will be an improvement and expansion to the player reports. Very exciting.

Other Improvements. You may have noticed a big improvement to the emails that we send in conjunction with events & invites, etc. More eye-catching emails keeps everyone better informed.

-The After Action Team


PS- For International (non-US) Users. We are a US-based development team. We have noticed a sharp increase in usage outside the US. All of our “stock language” is based off of “American English”. If there is specific verbiage or terminology that you would like changed to suit your specific region, let us know. We recognize that the player responses are very sensitive to the exact wording of questions. Feel free to propose alternate wording.

Good Luck to everyone in 2016!!

After Action 5.5 is live! We’ve improved the interface, added live updating and increased our speed over 500%. Here are the highlights:

Improved User Interface & Data Updating. From the icons to the graphs, After Action is sleeker and more intuitive. Also, all data updates in real time. After Action still targets “less than 120 seconds” for players to complete reviews. Anything more and the feedback quality decreases.

Manually Ending Events. We’re listening – this has been one of the most requested features from coaches. You can now end events manually from the “Edit Event” menu. Simple, easy and incredibly helpful! Also, you can still extend and re-open events just as easily.

Enhanced Analytics. The analytics interface has been re-worked to provide for “click through analysis”. Nearly all items in a graph are now “clickable” for multi-dimensional, drill-down analysis.

Speed, Speed and More Speed. We’ve been working hard to keep up with demand. After Action is now faster and you are less likely to get “Stadium Full” messages as we have significantly added server capacity. Less loading spinners, more feedback. That’s all for now – enjoy!

Justin Head & the After Action Development Team

PS – It was great to see everyone at the NSCAA Convention and thanks again for a great 2015. After Action grew by leaps and bounds last year (literally by hundreds of teams) but that game is over and won’t help us toward winning the next! We will be back soon with another great update to help your teams improve. Until then, win.

After Action is Hiring

Coaches (mostly college but some others):
Just a quick note to ask for some help. After Action is growing nicely and we’re hiring! We’ve only posted one job, but we actually have three openings. If you could pass this along to any of your current or former players that you think may have an interest, it would be much appreciated.

To the players:
In short, if you played and can code, I want to talk to you.

Data Visualization Designer

After Action generates a large amount of data in a short amount of input time. Thus far, our most efficient data extraction method has been via reports. We would like an engineer with experience in data visualization projects (work samples required) to help create a more effective analytics engine for coaches.

Key Skills:

  • HighCharts
  • WordPress
  • AngularJS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • MySQL
  • SVN

Link to the job posting on stackoverflow: Data Visualization Designer

Web & eCommerce Coder

After Action will overhaul its website and web presence in 2016. New look, new features, etc. We need an engineer to spearhead this process.

Key Skills:

  • WordPress
  • AngularJS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • SVN
  • Payment Gateways
Social Media Marketing Intern

After Action has grown 100% via word of mouth. Now we need help managing our communication channels. This person would be responsible for social media accounts and analyzing trends in the usage patterns of the After Action network. This is an unpaid position.

Key Skills:

  • Marketing on major social media platforms
  • ROI Analysis
  • A/B Testing
  • Email marketing
  • eCommerce conversion integration

Additional Notes:

  1. Remote OK. After Action is based just outside of Philadelphia, but all positions are available to those working remotely. (International coaches: fluent, English speaking international candidates would be considered from western Europe and/or Australia/NZ).
  2. Sports Experience. We are actively seeking former players (male and female) to work on After Action. Playing experience and the perspective it provides is very valuable to us.
  3. Contract-to-Hire. All new positions are filled as contractors to start. Compensation is on an hourly or weekly rate.
  4. Contact. Candidates can email applications to me at

Thanks (in advance) for your help. We are amazed at how well After Action is being received and enjoy interacting with this community. Please keep the feedback and suggestions coming. The After Action development roadmap is now dominated by your ideas!

As always, if you know of a coach that is new to After Action or interested in learning what AA is all about, we can review a few slides for them to give them the background and get them started easily. Feel free to email me.

Happy Holidays,
Justin Head & the After Action Development Team

After Action 5.4 Announcement

“This one time, at band camp…” (1)

Stop. Just stop right there. Camps are long gone and I don’t want to hear about it.

“Pick me out a winner, Bobby.” (2)

Now THAT’s more like it! The season is upon us and we’ve done a lot of work while you were getting sunburned, so let’s get to it.

“We’re putting coversheets on all TPS reports now before they go out.” (3)

This update is all about reports. After each event, coaches and players will get a PDF report of the event sent to their inbox (of course, you can opt out in settings if you like). Here are screenshots of both the coach reports and player reports:

 Coach Report

Player Report

These reports, tailored to your event settings, will start flowing with your next events. Enjoy!

“I’m sure the arena will be full of bags of flour for me to throw at people.” (4)

No need for Peeta’s glum sarcasm. We have fixed a bunch of bugs, updated the website and added some usability features without changing the workflow. We also have updates with new features and performance improvements just around the corner.

Until then, win.

Justin Head & the After Action Development Team

PS. In all seriousness, if you need help getting your team set up for the upcoming season, let us know. We’d be happy to help you with some tips & tricks.

(1) American Pie
(2) The Natural
(3) Office Space
(4) Hunger Games


After Action 5.3 Announcement

“You must be the short depressed kid we ordered.” (1)

Ahh, summertime. Sunscreen, double sessions, sleeping in dorms – it can mean only one thing: camps! We’re kicking off our 2nd summer the same way we did our first: adding in a handful of camp assessment questions (compliments of our friends at Georgetown Soccer).

Campers complete self-assessments in addition to receiving coaches’ assessments

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” (2)

That’s right, Johnny, some things need to be on display. We’ve taken that to heart and shared After Action’s most popular questions (stock questions and custom questions). The list is now posted on our website (link: After Action Questions Database). Enjoy:

The After Action Questions Database is sortable by popularity and/or question title. It is also searchable by keyword.

“You’re doomed. You’re all doomed!” (3)

No, not really because we’ve also added a few odds & ends to make After Action easier to use. We’ve added a special tab to manage observers, given you the ability to change your email preferences and updated the website.

Up next: an update to After Action’s analytics pages. We’ve been hearing from a lot of data hounds out there. Analyzing your team will become a lot easier very soon.In the meantime: “It’s your job to make sure the kids don’t drown.” (4)

Justin Head & the After Action Development Team

(1) Meatballs
(2) Dirty Dancing
(3) Friday the 13th
(4) Wet Hot American Summer

After Action 5.2 Announcement

“Badges?  We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!” (1)

Actually, you do.  FYI, “Badges” is software-talk for those little numbers in the corner of the app icon that tells you something needs your attention.  And yes, your players could use the nagging.

Network-wide After Action teams have a surprisingly good response rate.  Perhaps these badges can help convince players to respond even more.  Be sure to tell your players to hit “OK” when prompted so they’ll get the badges:

“These go to 11.” (2)

Ten just wasn’t high enough for us.  We’ve improved the team formation system: you can now add players via your phone’s contacts.  Nigel Tufnel would have no idea how this works.

And yes, it’s safe.  The way we’ve done it, we don’t copy your contacts to our servers – that’s the NSA’s job.  Our method is 100% local with no extraneous contact data retained by After Action.

1. Enter Emails / Use Contacts

2. Search or Scroll Contacts

3. Invites Easily Added

4. Simple, Clean, 100% Organic

“Have fun storming the castle,” (3)

Justin Head & the After Action Development Team



After Action 5.1 Announcement

After the NSCAA Conference….After Action.

It was great to see old friends and make new ones during the NSCAA Conference! Here’s a “quick hit” update for everyone that should help coaches, athletic directors, technical directors, etc. involved with your teams.

“The animal doesn’t even have thumbs, Focker!!?” (1)

Now you can invite someone to be an “Observer” of your team. The Observer cannot change anything – they can only observe. They have no abilities to change events, send events, alter rosters and the like. They can simply view your team’s analytics.Excellent for:

  • The Masterminds: Academy or Club Technical Directors. If your coaches are using After Action, you can view their data and get a sense of the team chemistry without having to constantly re-ask your coaches how things are going.
  • The Generals: Head Coaches. Some coaches delegate the day-to-day responsibilities of After Action to an assistant and can now view the data on their own.
  • The Guy-Behind-the-Guy: Assistant Coaches. If the Head Coach is asking the questions, you can view the data under your own account.
  • The guys back at HQ: Athletic Directors. Are you using After Action across multiple teams? An AD may observe many teams at once while leaving coaches free to handle the details.

To request to become an Observer of a team, click the “Coach: Start Here” button.  That will launch this dialog box (from there, it’s easy):

The Coach will receive your request in his roster list and will also get an email.  Once he accepts your request, you’re an Observer.  Simple.

“Well, I got her number, how do you like them apples?!” (2)

And you got numbers too.

In addition to adding Observer rights, we’ve given you the ability to share the app via text, email, facebook, twitter, etc. After Action has grown solely based on word-of-mouth (which is pretty awesome).

If you’d like to spread the word, that’d be great. If not, “No soup for you!” (3) If so, “Yours is the earth and everything that’s in it.” (4)


Justin Head & the After Action Development Team

(1) Meet The Parents
(2) Good Will Hunting
(3) Seinfeld: The Soup Nazi
(4) “If” by Rudyard Kipling


After Action 5.0 Announcement

“You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid!” (1)

So we got you a little somethin’ somethin’ for the holidays.

  1. Peer Reviews.  Santa’s big gift.  Who knew elves could code?!
  2. Team Snapshot.  A simplified look at your team’s data.  This one’s from us.  Enjoy.
  3. Stocking Stuffers.  Just a few things to spice up your reviews like Player Polls, the ability to mark players as “Did Not Play” and some other handy items.

“You’re Killin’ Me, Smalls.” (2)

Peer Reviews: How it Works.  After a player completes his self review, s/he will be asked to numerically rate the Overall Performance of the other players included in the event.  The player may also write a brief comment about his/her peers.

Visibility: Coach’s Eyes Only.  The Peer Reviews are visible ONLY BY THE COACH.  Players will not have access to what their peers said about each other.

Player Peer Response Screen

Analytics: Green = Peer Ratings of Player

Comments on Peers in Green

“Sweep The Leg!” (3)

Team Snapshot.  There comes a time when you want to just cut through all the analytics choices and just tell me, in a nutshell, what is my team like??  That’s why we built the Snapshot section.  A simple, easy-to-use “garden of data”.

Simple, fast, understandable and “no can defend” (3).  Just like the crane kick.

Visibility: Coach’s Eyes Only.  These results are visible ONLY BY THE COACH.  Players will NOT have access to this information.

“I’ll Make It.” (4)

Player Polls.  Yes, Jimmy Chitwood in Hoosiers was the Man of the Match. Sometimes, it’s not so obvious.  Now you can ask your players to pick a teammate in four categories:

  1. Man of the Match (or Woman or Player, yes we coded a little PC in there).
  2. Teammate Deserving More Playing Time.
  3. Favorite Teammate.
  4. Least Favorite Teammate.

Those last two are for you, Coach Brewer.  Here’s hoping your players “are not going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe” (5).  Please tell me your squad is smarter than that!

Visibility: Coach’s Eyes Only.  These results are visible ONLY BY THE COACH.  Players will NOT have access to this information.

Other Items.  A few other handy features:

  1. Skipping questions.  Handy for including goalies in your events who may have some questions unique to them.
  2. Marking Players as “Did Not Play.”  A lot of teams were using the comments to denote DNP players.  We’ve now included a toggle for that.
  3. Simplified Event Creation.  We’ve moved some things around and tried to make life simplier but with more features.

“You’re Like a Big Bear, Man!” (6)

Congrats.  Here’s wishing several teams a special congrats on the fall campaigns:

  1. Tufts University Jumbos (yes, Jumbos!) for winning the NCAA DIII Title.  Congrats to Coach Shapiro!
  2. Bowdoin College Polar Bears for winning the NSCAC.  Congrats to Coach Wiercinski!
  3. The “college on the hill” Dartmouth for winning the Ivies.  Congrats to Coach Riley!
  4. Too many teams in their respective post-season tournaments to list here – but congrats to you all.
  5. And to all those who found that injury time goal when needed, congrats.  May the soccer gods wink in your direction every once in a while.

Tomorrow Is Another Day.” (7)

Looking ahead, we’re planning a lot of features designed to make your lives easier. Most notably, we are implementing a “viewer mode” for athletic directors, additional coaches or technical directors to keep tabs from a distance.  Plus other features from your feedback – thanks for all the ideas, keep ’em coming!

All the best for the holiday season and we’ll see you next year,

Justin Head & the After Action Development Team

(1) A Christmas Story
(2) The Sandlot
(3) The Karate Kid
(4) Hoosiers
(5) Beverly Hills Cop
(6) Swingers
(7) Gone With The Wind

After Action 4.6 Announcement

The first rule of updates, is you do not talk about updates. The second rule about updates…(1)

Well, maybe we’ll talk about it a little bit. We’ve updated After Action but you don’t need to. Pretty cool, huh? We’ve added a bunch of features and some “under-the-hood” fixes without requiring an update from Apple or Google. Enjoy but be careful, “she’ll do .5 past light speed and can make the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.” (2)

Event Handling. The key change is how we handle events. No more pesky “submit vs. save” nonsense. Events are now editable until the deadline by both coaches and players. Once the deadline passes, all the analytics become visible at once.

You can also edit the events after they are sent. You can re-open the event, add players or extend the deadline, etc. HI FIVE!!! (3)

“The rug really tied the room together.” (4) We’ve enhanced the graphics, updated the website and improved responsiveness. We’ve even added time zone support because our few teams down under were all upside down. Don’t ask me how they found us. All that sounds kinda “meh” but hey, we got peer reviews coming later this Fall, so we “got that going for us….which is nice.” (5)

“Well that escalated quickly. Brick killed a guy.” (6) After over 200 combined total games in the first ~8 weeks of the “season”, AA teams are well over .500 and have a .593 winning percentage. We got a solid group of teams using After Action and it’s helping make you guys win. Now get back out there, play your games, send your events, hear from your players and get better.

“Do it. And let the English see you do it!” (7)

All the best the rest of this Fall season,

Justin Head & the After Action Development Team


(1) Fight Club

(2) Star Wars: A New Hope

(3) Borat

(4) The Big Lebowski

(5) Caddyshack

(6) Anchor Man

(7) Braveheart

Got a quote? Reply and I’ll see if I can weave it in for the next time.

After Action 4.0 Announcement

The fall season is upon us and we have a fresh version of After Action for everyone.

Careful, it’s hot!

Key New Feature: Includes Wins / Losses / Draws

How hard do your players take defeat?

How much does winning boost their morale?

Are you harder on your players in defeat than you praise them in victory?Let’s find out together with After Action.Per your feedback, we’ve also added in more places to provide comments.

Assign Scores to Events

See Scores with Ratings

Add Comments to Events

REQUIRE Player Comments

In the coming weeks, I will be headed out to a number of schools visiting pre-season sessions. I’m available to help out with player signups (the biggest hurdle) and any other logistical issues that coaches may have. Send me an email if you’d like me to visit your school.

As always, keep the feedback coming. We have a long list of features that you’ve requested and your ideas are excellent.

All the best this season,

Justin Head & The After Action Development Team


After Action 3.0 Announcement

Yes, Team USA lost to Belgium, but soccer is brighter than ever! So chin up and let’s get cracking on creating the next stars.

Major New Version (and still free!):

  • New Feature: Coach’s Reviews
  • New Feature: Camp Evaluation Questions
  • New Feature: Pass-Around Mode
  • All Data Now Exportable to a Spreadsheet File
  • Improved User Interface
  • Improved User Login / Email Management

Coach’s Reviews

Coaches, your day has arrived.  Now you can review your players using After Action and compare those reviews with your players.

Standard: Self Reviews

NEW: Coach’s Reviews

Georgetown University Camp Evaluation (now in the After Action app):

  • 1st Touch
  • 1v1 Defending
  • Ball Striking
  • Coachability
  • Dribbling & Turning
  • Endurance
  • Enthusiasm
  • Heading
  • Leadership
  • Quickness
  • Speed
  • Speed of Play
  • Strength
  • Team Attacking
  • Team Defending
  • Toughness

Pass-Around Mode

Compliments of Rich Caldwell at Fremont Youth Soccer Club in Fremont, CA, we have developed Pass-Around Mode.  Pass your device from player to player and get immediate feedback.

Updated Website (

Check out our expanded website – now with snazzy new User Guides.  Distribute user guides to your players at training to get them signed up!

After Action Advisory Board

Frodo had Sam, Michael Corleone had Tom Hagen. We got these guys. After Action announces an Advisory Board! We welcome (and need) the support, advice and feedback from these coaches:

Jeff Cook
U16 Head Coach
Asst. Technical DirectorPhiladelphia
Union Academy

Brian Wiese
Men’s Head Coach
Georgetown University

Rich Caldwell
Director of Coaching
Fremont Youth Soccer