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Great teams communicate.

After Action is a mobile coaching app designed to build strong teams, helping coaches and players get on the same page with quick and efficient communication about their performance.

The interface is easy to use providing quick and simple ratings of player performance, attitude, and skills via self and coach-assessments allowing the coach to spot and address team issues early.

The app supports the whole process with digital reminders to build consistency giving both coaches and players useful insight to propel the team to perform at its peak.

After Action is cloud-based and ready to use at home or on the road, opening communication off the field to affect outcomes on the field.

Why After Action?

We are athletes ourselves and know quick and simple tools work best.   After Action works because of its simplicity.   Its core communication features deliver a powerful impact on coaches, players, and teams.

For Coaches

  • Import & Sync From TeamSnap
  • Detailed Performance Analytics
  • Polls To Engage All Players
  • Easy Team & Event Set-up


For Players

  • Direct Channel to Coaching Staff
  • Learn From Self-Assessments & Coach Reviews
  • Builds a Strong Team Bond
  • Lasting Record of Performance & Growth




Scott Wiercinski

Bowdoin College

Head Coach – Men’s Soccer

“After Action is a great app. I use it with my team throughout preseason and for each match during the season. It is an excellent tool to share feedback with my players while collecting their thoughts on different aspects of their training and match performances when face to face meetings can be difficult due to class schedules. Each use of the app serves as a catalyst for additional conversations between our staff and players – the result is a better understanding of expectations for performance. I highly recommend AfterAction to any coach seeking more productive dialogue with their players.”

Brian Wiese

Georgetown University

Men's Soccer Head Coach

“After Action helps me outline expectations for a position, player performance and the situations they face–then it reinforces the skills each player requires to play that position effectively.”

Actual Player Quote

“…it helps the entire team remain accountable for their actions on and off the field…”

Bobby Martin

Skate Pairs

US Figure Skating

“After Action has worked well with my skating squad, it has proven to be flexible and customizable. With all of the ratings and feedback we gathered, we were able to reveal trends, anomalies and pinpoint items the coaching staff was missing over the course of the season and make adjustments accordingly.”

Jeff Cook

Pennsylvania State University

Head Coach, Men’s Soccer

“After Action is a critical component within our overall player development strategy. The increased capability that this application provides enhances our communication with our players and promotes ongoing, productive feedback – in both directions. We find that over time this greatly enhances our player – coach relationships and builds trust in our methods.”

Actual Player Quote

“…the feedback helps remind me what I need to focus and the areas I need to improve upon.…”

Actual Player Quote

“…it allows me to reflect on myself and my teammates right after the game.”

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